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The British Club



The British Club Magazine has served as a professional high quality tool in disseminating the latest information on Club life, new developments and lifestyle news since 1990. It’s still the main tool for communicating with the Members and Club surveys show that it is well regarded and widely read.

Circulation : 2,600 copies
Readership : 10,000

The British Club at a glance

The British Club is essentially Singapore’s Premier Hilltop Retreat infused with a cosmopolitan experience. As one of the fastest growing clubs in Singapore, The British Club remains a favourite exclusive retreat for a diverse mix of members made up of 43% British nationals, 28% Singaporeans and 29% of other nationalities.

Advertise With The British Club

Gain exclusive access to the more than 2,600 British, international and local community and their families in Singapore. Our Club magazine, Electronic Direct Mailer (EDM) and Website provides advertisers with the opportunity for integrated or targeted advertising for all their messages.

Most of our Members are Professionals, Senior Business managers and executives who hold senior key positions in the business community with high levels of disposable income. A typical Member is married, aged between 35 and 60 with 2 kids.

58% Top Management (CEOs, Managing Directors, etc) and their families
18% Professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, etc) and their families
16% Senior Management (Senior Managers, Managers, etc) and their families
08% Entrepreneurs/Others and their families
Club News and Calendar of events, Club Activities, Sports, Club Promotions and Special Offers.
6 issues a year

British Club Members, potential members, British Association, British companies, High Commissions and Embassies, British Institutions and magazine advertisers.

Size Height (mm) x Width (mm)
Full Page 280 x 215
Half Page (Horizontal) 130 x 200
Half Page (Vertical) 255 x 100
Quarter Page 130 x 100
Loose Inserts Maximum weight 30g and maximum size A4


Bleed is applicable to full page only
Allow 3 mm around

Artwork in soft copy. PDF, TIFF Format with at least 300 dpi (high resolution).
Loose Inserts – 2,000 copies. Maximum weight 120 grams and maximum size A4
First Monday of the preceding month
Cancellation must be given in writing a week after booking, otherwise a charge of 50% of the advertising rate will be imposed and/or a previous advertisement will be used.
First Friday of the preceding month of publication (for print ads)
Third Friday of the preceding month of publication (for loose inserts)
Immediate payment for first-time advertisers or within one week from date of invoice, unless otherwise specified.


For partnership enquiries, please contact
Claire Hill,
Head of Membership and Partnerships at 6410 1104 or
[email protected]