The Hideaway



Book Lover's Paradise

With a newly redesigned interior, The Hideaway, previously known as the Club’s Library, provides a spacious and quiet haven for those who need a productive working area while at the Club.

The Hideaway is a flexible multi-room which includes a library, soundproof phone booths and workspace for members to enjoy while being surrounded by flora. Nature lovers can also soak in the greenery by occasionally spotting resident animals through the big, crystal-clear windows.

To maintain a quiet and conducive environment for members, the minimum age requirement to enter The Hideaway is 12 years old.

Opening Hours

We are open: 8am to 9pm

Please note that the Hideaway will be closed during the following timings:
  • Every Tuesday, 10:30am to 3pm: Craft Section
  • Wednesday, 12 June, 8pm: Book Club

Rules And Regulations

  • Please be quiet and respectful of others
  • Please sanitise your hands before touching the books
  • A maximum of four books can be borrowed for a period of one month
  • Books can be returned to the reception between 8am to 9pm daily
  • Please place the books back to where they belong after reading
  • No food is permitted in the Hideaway
  • Usage of phone booths is for a maximum of 90 minutes

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