World Earth Day 2021

Join us in celebrating World Earth Day which falls on Thu, 22 Apr. World Earth Day is an annual event advocated to supporting environmental protection. Here are five helpful tips for you to incorporate these green practices in your daily lives.

Make sustainable swaps
Making simple swaps can really make a difference in our environmental and future well-being. Examples of swaps include using recyclable bags instead of plastics bags, or choosing metal straws over disposable ones.

Reconsider food storage at home
Refrain from using single-use plastics in the kitchen. Instead, you can choose to purchase reusable silicone bags, glass containers or beeswax sheets to keep your food fresh.

Conserve energy and water
One of the easiest way to conserve energy at home is making sure that all the lights are turned off when you are not at home. Other ways include waiting for a full load before running your dishwasher and washing machines. This even helps you save on electricity bills!

Swap regular light bulbs for LED bulbs
LED bulbs are extremely energy efficient as they have lower energy usage, reduced maintenance cost and an exceptionally longer life span. You might want to consider switching out your regular light bulbs.

Go paperless
In this time and age, documents can be easily accessed online. Opt out of physical bills and start filing them online.