The tennis section is the biggest sporting section in the Club and caters for players of all levels. Join the British Club Tennis Section to play competitive or social tennis for only $16 per month per family! 

The Tennis Social Schedule can be found here.


Tennis Convenor
Matt Rawbone



The WITS Autumn Season 2020 and STA Interclub Doubles 2020 will take place between the months of August and November. Find out more about the Tennis court usage during this period.

For the full match schedule and timing, visit


During this period, there will be limited court availability on match days.



As a section member you are welcome to attend various tennis socials held during mornings and evenings throughout the week. These are open to players of all abilities.







Tennis Courts Information


Operating hours

7am to 10pm


Booking Fees

7am to 12pm: $7+ per court per hour

1pm to 6pm: $5+ per court per hour

6pm to 10pm: $8+ per court per hour

Weekends & Public Holidays:

7am to 10pm: $8+ per court per hour


$5+ per guest in addition to court fees stated above

Tennis Courts can be booked up to 7 days in advance here.

Junior Development Programme



Total Fees

Pee Wee Tennis
(3.5 – 4.5 years old)

$15+ per hour

Red Balls
(5 – 8 years old)

$30+ per hour

Orange Balls
(8 – 10 years old)

Green Balls
(10 – 13 years old)

Junior Hitting Session

$30+ per hour

Click here to register. The schedule can be viewed here.

Tennis Coaching


Number of Players

Total Fees (Per Hour)

1 Player

$100+ (with Tennis Director)

$85+ (with Tennis Coach)

2 Players

$65+ per person (with Tennis Director)
$55+ per person (with Tennis Coach)

3 Players

$45+ per person

4 Players

$35+ per person

Click here to register.






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