Recycle your old textiles from Friday, 22 April to Thursday, 12 May

Earth is our home. To demonstrate support for environmental protection, we are collecting textiles for recycling purposes. Let’s all work together to conserve natural resources and reduce environment pollution. Simply drop your recyclable items into the bin by the Verandah glass doors, outside the Hangout.

We collect:

  • Clean clothes
  • Clean and wearable paired shoes
  • Clean bedsheets
  • Clean towels
  • Clean curtains
  • Belts (usable condition)
  • Bags (usable condition)
  • Luggage (usable condition)
  • Cushion covers (usable condition)Please pack items into bags and seal it to prevent contamination.

Click here for more information.

The recycling campaign has now concluded and we have collected a total of 480kg worth of textiles! Thank you all who donated.