Shuttle Bus route and pick up points

The British Club shuttle bus picks up and drops off passengers directly at Sixth Avenue MRT Station. The shuttle bus runs seven days a week, from Monday to Sunday.

The British Club To 6th Avenue MRT Station 6th Avenue MRT Station To The British Club

6:50am (Sundays and Public Holidays only)

7:20am 7:30am
8:20am 8:30am
9:20am 9:30am
10:20am 10:30am
11:05am 11:15am
12:20pm 12:30pm
1:20pm 1:30pm
2:20pm 2:30pm
3:20pm 3:30pm
4:20pm 4:30pm
5:10pm 5:20pm
6:20pm 6:30pm
7:25pm 7:35pm
8:20pm 8:30pm
9:20pm 9:30pm
10:20pm 10:30pm
11:15pm 11:25pm


*Arrival time of shuttle bus is subject to traffic and weather conditions.

For enquiries, call 6410 1100 or email enquiries@britishclub.org.sg