With over 2600 families who belong to the Club and a very diversified membership base, there are plenty of opportunities for companies to reach out to a dynamic group, with an above average spending power.

You can work in partnership with The British Club and roll out exciting new offers and promotions that are both exclusive and targeted. We will work with you in recommending the best times and places to offer such deals.

We have a list of exciting events each year that provide excellent opportunities to showcase your products and services, making your presence at the Club very fruitful and beneficial.



After 4 successful years of the Best of British, we are delighted to announce that the Club will be hosting Best of British again from 4 to 17 June 2017!  You can be sure that it will be one major celebration that you would not want to miss.

We will be bringing you an, even more, exciting list of programmes filled with well-known UK personalities, prizes and partnerships that will showcase the best of British culinary, entertainment, fashion, and sports. There will be much to enjoy at each event, giving you that unique British experience.

Save the date for one of Singapore’s most anticipated social events- The Best of British 2017! The publicity and awareness generation for the sponsors of Best of British is second to none if you wish to reach out to the influential members and friends of The British Club.

If you are keen to participate in this event and become one of our esteemed partners, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Marketing Communications Department
6410 1111/2


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