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An award-winning club nestled on top of Singapore's second highest peak at Bukit Tinggi, you can enjoy first class leisure, sports and entertainment facilities set amid lush tropical greenery and flowering shrubs. The bustling life of the city is just a 10-minute drive away. Founded in 1983 for the many British expatriates living here, these days it is a home away from home to over 30 other nationalities including Singaporeans.

The British Club is owned by our Members who, through an annually elected President and Main Committee, provide the strategic direction for the General Manager and his team. New developments over the years have continued to improve the club's facilities within our natural jungle surroundings. The four-storey main Clubhouse is connected to a modern Sports Centre lower down the hill by a shady woodland path.

The club in Singapore is now a wonderful tropical retreat for families new to Asia and for those wanting a respite for tired bodies!

We stand by our mission statement which is:

"To be the leading international club in Singapore , exceeding the expectations of our Members and their Families."

73 Bukit Tinggi Road Singapore 289761 | Tel: 6410 1100
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