Joining the Golf section offers you a great opportunity to play on some fantastic courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia at preferential rates. We are a sociable group of enthusiasts who participate in inter-club matches and Club tournaments.

With players at every level, we arrange subsidised group coaching for those wanting to improve their game.

The British Club Golf Section Handicap System

The Golf Section provides a free handicap system for monthly medals and any other games played by members.

Members can update their golf scores using this link.

  • The account is available to any section member following 3 consecutive months of golf section subscription.
  • The system covers our courses in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia as well as other countries through the look-up database.
  • UserID and Password will be provided upon request.
  • Members are encouraged to load their own golf scores including non section games.
  • The club will load Stableford points.
  • The system automatically generates and maintains an individual handicap once 5 scores are loaded.


Friday (PM) 20/01/2017 British Club Stableford
Laguna National Golf & Country Club, Singapore
Saturday (PM) 21/01/2017 British Club Stableford
Sembawang Country Club, Singapore
Saturday (PM) 28/01/2017 Interclub ‘Hong Boa’ Match
British Club vs SLAGS
Raffles Country Club, Palm Course
Friday (AM or PM) 17/02/2017 British Club Stableford
Tanah Merah Country Club, Tampines Course
Saturday (AM) 18/02/2017 British Club Stableford
Horizon Hills Golf & Country Club, Johor
Friday (PM) 10/03/2017 Interclub Match 1 - The Ashes
British Club vs Singapore Cricket Club
Hosted by British Club. Venue: Keppel Club
Friday (PM) 17/03/2017 British Club Stableford
Raffles Country Club, Palm Course
Sunday (PM) 26/03/2017 British Club Stableford
Raffles Country Club, Palm Course
Monday (AM) 10/04/2017 British Club Intersectional Game; Scamble Format
Tering Bay, Batam
Saturday (AM) 22/04/2017 British Club Stableford
‘Spring’ Challenge Cup
Bintan Lagoon Golf Club, Seaview Course
Wednesday (PM) 17/05/2017 Interclub Match 2 - Colonial Cup
British Club vs American Club vs Tanglin Club
Hosted by Tanglin Club. Venue to be Confirmed
Saturday 20/05/2017 British Club Stableford
Pulau Springs,
Friday 02/06/2017 British Club Stableford
BC Golf Tour to Phuket (1 to 4 June)
Saturday 03/06/2017 Interclub Match 3  Venue to be Confirmed
BC Golf Tour to Phuket (1 to 4 June)
Friday (PM) 16/06/2017 Corporate (Charity) Scramble
SICC New Course
Sunday (PM) 25/06/2017 British Club Stableford
Laguna National Golf & Country Club, Singapore
July/August Casual Play
Friday (PM) 08/09/2017 Interclub Match 4 - Ryder Cup vs American Club
Hosted by American Club.  Venue to be Confirmed
Friday (PM) 15/09/2017 Club Championship & British Club Stableford
Sentosa Golf Club, Serapong Course
Wednesday (PM+Night Golf) 18/10/2017 British Club Stableford
‘Festival of Light’ Autumn Challenge Cup
Marina Bay Golf Course
Friday - Sunday(PM) 13/10/17-15/10/17 Phuket Golf Tour
Friday (PM) 10/11/2017 British Club Stableford
Seletar Country Club, Singapore
Saturday (AM) 18/11/2017 British Club Stableford
Palm Springs Golf & Country Club, Batam
Saturday (AM) 09/12/2017 British Club Stableford & Champion of Champions Els Club, Desaru, Malaysia

*Dates & venue to be confirmed

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Tel: 96889427


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