The Swimming section is growing very fast with members ranging from as young as 6 to 60 years of age! The opportunity for learning or training is here - just see which group appeals most!


Swimming Section Convenors
Rebecca Turley & David Green

Email: swimming@britishclub.org.sg


Learn to Swim Groups

Our resident coaching team is Total Swimming. Total Swimming has been endorsed by Royal Life Saving Society (Australia) to conduct their Swim and Survive Program. Here the Program aims to educate youngsters on how to be safe when in and around water as well as skills in swimming, personal aquatic survival and basic rescue. There are 9 levels for the children to achieve.

To book swimming lessons, please first book a free assessment with our coaches from Total Swimming using this link


Competitive Swim Group

The competitive swim group is called Barracudas which is divided into three different levels of ability. The Guppies train 3 times a week whilst the Snapper and Swordfish have the opportunity to train 6 times a week. Total Swimming is involved in coaching this team as well.

The British Club Barracudas are a member of the Neptune League and so are able to swim in this competitive environment 5 times a year. The Club will host once a year and go to the other clubs for the remainder of the Meets.

Masters Group

The more mature swimmers have an Adult Fitness group that swims 3 times a week in the early mornings and a Masters group that can swim 6 times a week. Four sessions are in the mornings and two are in the evenings. There are occasional Meets for this older group although most attend purely for fitness or a glass of wine in the evenings! There are triathletes and offshore swimmers amongst them as well as those who are improving their strokes and learning skills they never had the opportunity to do when they were younger. Join the swimming section to find out more about the section activities.


Book an assessment

To book a free assessment with our coaches from Total Swimming, please click on this link


Use of Training Pool

Please note the rules governing the use the 20m lap pool:


Section Fees: $10 / month (all rates subject to prevailing GST) 




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