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Every Saturday over the summer between 8 and 28 players have regularly rocked up in rain, shine, haze or shoe-melting heat to learn some new ball handling skills and play variations of touch rugby that enhances support play and quick hands.


Rugby Ambassador Neil Best has delighted the players by introducing skills variations and "Fijian Touch" from his professional playing days which, coupled with progressive fitness training, has encouraged more families to come down and train and play. You really can't beat jumping in the pool after a tough session while the bar staff prepare your cold drink...

We have regular 7 to 13 year old boys AND girls learning and visibly growing in confidence as they play alongside their mums and dads and develop their skills. Sessions are also split with coaches for both the kids and the adults as we build towards full contact preparations for playing in the adult Singapore Muddy Penny Cup with the season running from October through to April.

You'll soon see our new Rugby Kit being 'modeled' around the Club thanks to some terrific sponsorship by The Fry Group - please feel free to approach any of our 'models' with any questions or if you're interested in joining in (or, even better, reply to Lay Chi who will be delighted to assist !)

Rugby Training runs every Saturday between 2pm and 4pm depending on the International Rugby match being televised in the afternoon/evening.

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Mr Duncan McGilligan



Or contact the Sports Department at 6410 1173 or email