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The Pro-Shop is located at the Sports Centre and offers a one-stop shopping facility for all your sporting needs and more. With a range of quality sports apparel, shoes, rackets and accessories, you will not be lost if you have not packed that extra pair of sports attire. You can also pick up the latest international magazines and power bars to go.

Opened in 2011, the Pro Shop is located at the Sports centre and has everything you need for your sporting needs. Check out the latest sports gear including sports outfits, racquets, balls, bags, magazines and other accessories by top brands.


The Pro Shop is open daily from 8.00am - 10.00pm
Tel: 6410 1173 

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Pro Shop

Squash & Tennis Balls
Suntan Lotions
Water Bottles
Insect Repellent
Sports Shoes
Isotonic Drinks

73 Bukit Tinggi Road Singapore 289761 | Tel: 6410 1100
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