Membership Forms

Membership Application Form
If you are joining us as a new member, you are required to fill in an application form, a declaration form and a GIRO form. 

The completed forms need to be submitted to the Membership department along with a copy of the applicant's passport or identity card and employment pass or proof of employment, and two passport-size photographs (white background) of the applicant and/or spouse. 

Non members can access the Membership Application Form, Membership Declaration Form and GIRO Form here .

Application for Junior Membership Card
Children of Members below 18 years of age can apply for a Junior Membership card. This will enable the child to sign on their parents' account and to also come into the Club on their own (see further explanation when you download the form).

Please send the Junior Card application form with two passport-size photographs (white background) of the child to the Membership department. This card restricts the sale of alcohol or cigarettes to the cardholder.


Application for Absent Membership

Life-time Members holding a Transferable Membership, Ordinary Membership or Associate Lifetime Membership can only apply for absent status if they are leaving Singapore for at least three consecutive months. Absent membership is valid for a maximum period of one year, and renewable at the approval of the Committee. Absent Members are exempt from monthly subscription & quarterly F&B minimum spending levy but will have to pay a yearly fee (currently $350 subject to prevailing GST).

The completed Absent Membership application form has to be sent to the Membership Department along with a copy of all relevant documents to support your departure from (e.g. employer’s letter, termination of employment pass etc).


Application for Replacement of Membership Card
Members who have lost their membership card can submit this 
Online Replacement Card application to have a new card made available. 

Application for Visiting of Membership(Immediate Family) 
Members who have their immediate family visiting from overseas can request for a temporary card for them, authorizing their use of the Club. You can submit the application for
 Visiting Membership Card online here.

Application for Introduction Card To International Associate Clubs 
Members who travel can also enjoy reciprocal privileges with the International Associate Clubs. The IAC card is valid for 3 months and has to be presented upon arrival at the
 IAC reciprocal club.

Members can access the IAC Card application here. 

Application for Passport To Reciprocal Clubs 
Members who travel, can enjoy reciprocal privileges with over 60 other clubs around the world through our reciprocal agreements with these clubs. The passport is valid for one year and has to be presented upon arrival at the
 reciprocal club.

Members can access the Reciprocal Passport application here. 

Summary of Membership Online Services

Downloadable Forms

Online Application Access


The Personal Data Protection Act

Under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA), organisations are required to develop and implement policies and practices that are necessary to meet its obligations under the PDPA. In particular, organisations are required to designate at least one individual, known as the data protection officer (DPO), to oversee the data protection responsibilities within the organisation and ensure compliance with the PDPA.

The British Club aims to comply with the PDPA and have established a Data Protection Office to ensure compliance.

Click here to view the Data Protection Policy for The British Club.


If you have any questions or complaints relating to the use or disclosure of your Personal Data, or if you wish to know more about our data protection policies and practices, please contact our Data Protection Office via email at

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